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Union Station beef is freshly imported hand-selected grass-fed beef from Australia. They are YP grade, which means they are young prime beef below 36 months of age. They are also 100% Australian Heritage, 100% Free Range and 100% Hormone & Antibiotic Free.

Why Grass-fed Beef?

Grass-fed Beef is generally low in fat and cholesterol because they are much leaner than grain-fed beef. They are also rich in key nutrients which include antioxidants and vitamins. Grass-fed beef offers about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids which are thought to lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of certain types of cancers.

Why Young Prime Beef?

Australian beef is placed in different categories based on their age and gender:

Yearling beef/steer (Y/YS)Up to 18 months of age, must be male if YS
Young beef/steer (YG/YGS)Up to 30 months of age, must be male is YGS
Young Prime beef/steer (YP/YPS)Up to 36 months of age, must be male if YPS
Prime beef/steer (PR/PRS)Up to 42 months of age, must be male if PRS
Female/ Male Ox (S/SS)Any age, must be male if SS
Cow (C)Over 42 months of age, must be female


While beef of a younger age tends to be more tender, have a finer texture and a smoother taste, it does not pack as much flavour as their more mature counterparts. The flavour of the beef comes from the age of the animal because the longer the animal lives, the more work it will do and the more food it will eat. In fact, it is the activity and diet of the animal that gives mature beef a more distinct beefy flavour compared to young beef.

This is why our premium Union Station Young Prime beef (YP grade) is the perfect compromise between tenderness and flavour because it has neither the toughness of older beef nor the blandness of younger beef.

I’m ready to try! How do I know which part to buy?

Different cuts of beef should be cooked differently because they come from various parts of the animal which have their own specific functions. These cuts can vary in the amount of fat, tenderness and flavour depending on the parts they come from. But fret not because we are going to share with you some tips on how to prepare and cook these different parts!


Cut from the rib area, the “eye” in the ribeye refers to the centre of the rib region of a beef. As one of the finest cuts of beef, ribeye steaks are known for its juiciness, tenderness, superb marbling and flavour. Ribeye steaks are best grilled or smoked for a long period of time over dry heat in a BBQ. Smear on a nice dry rub and grill it medium for the maximum flavour. Best to keep the marination and seasoning simple with just salt and pepper to see the marbling in the steak work their magic. Make sure the ribeye steak you choose is bright red, with white strips of fat running throughout. These marbling fats will melt right in when you are cooking it.


Cut from the back of the cow, the sirloin steak comes from the striploin. This cut is known to have a nice balance of tenderness and flavour. Cook your sirloin steak with high temperature such as pan frying, grilling, broiling, sautéing and barbecuing. Sear the steak in a sizzling hot pan with lots of fat for the maximum indulgence. If you are thinking to do a roast instead, make sure you trim the fat accordingly. Top it with mushroom or bourbon sauce to bring out the rich flavour. When selecting sirloin, find one that says top sirloin for a more premium cut. It should be 1 -2 inches thick with a nice band of fat. If you are not very confident in cooking steaks and just want to try, sirloin steak is definitely recommended. It is more affordable and versatile compared to the more premium cuts like ribeye and tenderloin. You would probably not feel the pang as much if you overcook the steak by a little.


Cut from the region along the spine of the cow, the tenderloin is the most tender and lean part of beef. People choose tenderloin steaks to experience the melt-in-the-mouth sensation that the tenderloin is known for. The tenderloin is so tender because that part hardly has to do any work, hence it also only contains a small amount of connective tissue and fat. It is best suited for pan frying, barbecuing or even roasting if it is kept as a whole fillet. It is very important to make sure the steak isn’t overcook though because the leanness of the steak can translate to dryness if it’s overcooked.

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Union Station Beef in Singapore!


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