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Sabatino Tartufi truffle are premium products infused with Italian heritage. The company was founded in a small Italian town by Sabatino Balestra and his wife, Giuseppina. Their passion for truffles, love for their land, hard work and ambition have develop the brand into what it is today. Since 1911, the family of Sabatino and Giuseppina has gained vast experience in this difficult and delicate enterprise. They prepare their truffles using traditional recipes, preserving them but yet retaining all the authentic quality, taste and aroma.

Despite staying true to their heritage, they are capable of using innovation to face and win challenges of the international market. With their innovation, Sabatino only produces the highest grade of truffle species and best range of truffle products. That said, they have not forgotten where it all started. They remain steadfast to their family values, traditions and dedication to the customer. The blend of their modern technologies and traditional recipes is what create the ultimate truffle experience that the world is enjoying today.

What exactly are Truffles?

Truffles are a type of subterranean fungus. They can be found in many parts of the world but are mainly concentrated in regions such as the Italian and French countryside. Truffles are considered very valuable because they are seasonal, difficult to find and extremely rare. It takes around 7 to 15 years to cultivate these “diamonds” of the culinary world.

Did you know? Truffles actually give off a smell similar to the pheromones that males produced to attract females which is why women sometimes describe the aroma of truffles as sensual. Who knows, try some of our Sabatino truffle products and maybe you will be seduced by them too.

What’s the Difference between White and Black Truffle?

In CS Frozen Food, we offer both white and black truffle oil, along with truffle zest and paste. Many customers ask us what’s the difference between white and black truffle oil and how to use them in cooking. Here, we will share with you some tips you will find very useful in deciding what to use!

Black Truffle Oil

Black Truffles have the strongest flavour among all the truffles. Due to their robust flavour and pungent aroma, they are best paired with stronger foods. The same is true for Sabatino black truffle oil which is made from Italian olive oil infused with black truffle extract. Their strong and earthly flavour is an excellent complement of red meat, creamy sauces and savoury pastries. Add black truffle oil to cooked sauces, drizzle over hearty meat dishes or add a tablespoon or so onto a vinaigrette dressing for the maximum impact.

White Truffle Oil

Unlike Black Truffle, White Truffle has a more subtle flavour and aroma, but they are the rarest among all truffle due to the fact that they only grow in the cooler months of Fall and Winter. Made from Italian olive oil infused with White Truffle extracts, the white truffle oil has a slightly garlicky and peppery flavour. It is an excellent match with beef carpaccio, white-fleshed fish, shellfish and meats with more delicate flavours. Other than meat, White Truffle Oil can also be used on dishes such as risottos, pastas, egg dishes and fondues.

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Sabatino Tartufi - All about Truffles


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